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CROFT STRUCTURES specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of dome roof shipping container covers, greenhouses and animal shelters.

For over 25 years we have delivered high quality product servicing all Australian states and SE Asia. 


Container Covers

We have a wide range of shipping container shelters

Container Cover CONTAIN-A-COVERS® are an innovative way to use shipping containers to create extra flexible sheltered space which can be used to store vehicles and machinery, on site workshops, or provide additional lock up covered storage. The options are endless.

For more detailed information click here to be directed to our dedicated CONTAIN-A-COVER website

All our CONTAIN-A-COVERS® are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia and comply to Australian wind standards 



Tunnel and multi-span greenhouses


Our polythene clad greenhouses are an economical and versatile alternative to glass. We have an extensive range of commercial and domestic units for the Horticultural and Nursery Industries specialising in hydroponic installations where we utilise the VENTMASTER® and SUPER-VENTMASTER® designs.

We take pride in our workmanship and do not subcontract our installation to others. The team that makes the product installs the product because they know it best.

View our range of greenhouses from our EcoKit for the domestic household market right through to our multi span structures for commercial applications.


Animal shelters

Shelters for livestock

animal shelter We manufacture our GROSHELTER® which are designed for housing pigs, chickens, cattle and sheep.

The GROSHELTER® provides complete weather protection and flow through ventilation, offering a controlled environment which produces maximum output.  Shelters can be optioned up with gates and cladding to suit individual customer needs.