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Container Covers designed and manufactured in Australia

Croft GAC manufacture a range of shipping container covers providing total weather protection for storage of materials or equipment including, trucks, boats, cars, aircraft, workshops or amenities areas. Our container cover brand is “CONTAIN-A-COVERS®”.

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Our shipping container covers are galvanised steel frames clad with a flexible Canvacon cover, which are erected between shipping containers, creating temporary or permanent storage areas.  They come in a range of widths starting at 6 metres through to 20 metres.

Shipping container covers are supplied as a D.I.Y. kit including pictorial assembly instructions or can be erected by our experienced staff. The shelters are engineered to suit most wind regions within Australia. The Canvacon roof covers have a proven life expectancy of more than 10 years.  Our product is price competitive without compromising engineering computations.

They are supplied as roof only drive through coverage or with optional full ends incorporating vents, bi-fold and sliding doorways. All kits are palletised and packaging information for our full range is available with all dimensions listed for quick freight calculation to your location.

Features Specifications
Designed and manufactured in Australia Span widths: 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20 metres
Manufactured using a webbed truss construction
Quickly and efficiently attached to containers
Attaching system eliminates damage to containers
Free standing models available
Canvacon roof covers

CONTAIN-A-COVERS® can provide total weather protection for storage of bulk products such as hay & grain, fertilizers etc. as well as equipment including trucks, boats, cars, aircraft hangers, housing for maintenance and repair workshops, amenities blocks, on-site laboratories, spray painting and sandblasting booths, artists studios, long term storage and general weather protection.

CONTAIN-A-COVERS® can be crated for shipment to all over Australia and South East Asia. We are the most competitive supplier in Victoria.  Packaging information for our full range is available with all container cover dimensions listed for quick freight calculation to your location.

Average construction time for shipping container covers is 2 – 3 days per unit. Our experienced crew is available to assist where required.

CONTAIN-A-COVERs are quickly and efficiently attached to shipping containers using twistlocks in the corner mounts and either welding or bolting the side rails to the container top. A new feature with our container covers is an attaching system which eliminates any damage to containers (i.e. if containers are hired). Free standing models are also available if container mounting is not possible. CONTAIN-A-COVERS® are supplied as DIY kit which includes pictorial Assembly Instructions and Isometric Drawings.

Each container cover is packed in a metal stillage which provides safe transit to site. Stillages can be re-used if the CONTAIN-A-COVER® is re-located.

Canvacon roof covers available in white, green, blue and yellow: